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BMW Shenyang Spray line calibration project

Door spraying robot calibration \ calibration


Timing online calibration


Regular maintenance

Intelligent production line of Yantai Lutong automobile engine foundry

Fixture design, Tooling design, Program compilation, Path optimization and Installation debugging


Sand core grabbing, Sand core handling, Casting handling, Casting flown


The first digital casting workshop with independent intellectual property rights in China

OPPO smart phone production line visual assembly

Combine the industrial camera to position the robot to improve repeatability to 0.05mm

Robot & vision system development, installation, commissioning

Guangzhou Automobile spraying robot project

Technical requirements

With the advantages of flexible, efficient industrial robots and large working space, higher automation, cost savings, higher productivity and stable quality can be achieved.

Guangzhou Automobile's new SUV car built-in noise floor using a new type of spraying technology. Can effectively reduce the car noise.

Technical Difficulties

The new technology needs spraying in the body cavity and outside.

Car body cavity work needs to overcome the difficulties of body and robot interference as well as the complex body shape, changing trajectory difficult


Through 5 robots collaborative work. Ensure that there are two robots on both sides of the body side and cavity spray. Front car rear-end spraying operation A common robot to complete the opening and closing of the front cover and rear cover operations.
VMT visual inspection system to help the overall body accurate positioning detection and error compensation. To ensure the accuracy of spraying operations

Robot stone processing (Italy)

Use the advantages of robot processing for plastic processing, which can effectively improve the carving efficiency and reduce labor. Existing robots can operate up to a radius of 3 meters. The use of turntable or linear guide to meet the needs of large sculpture processing.


Combined with CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing) technology, it is easy to program fine cast offline programming and use an industrial robot for an unlimited number of statuary copies.

FANUC Tesla Automobile Door Project

The production line consists of 6 FANUC robots.The robot grabs the tool, processing 85 apertures and deburring.

FANUC Volkswagen sheller loading and unloading project.

Loading and unloading programming.

FANUC Le mobile phone back cover polishing project

Programming and installation.

Hydraulic pump high pressure water deburring/cleaning project for Sany Heavy Industry Group

Provides high pressure water deburring/cleaning equipment and services

Robot calibration and calibration technology and services

In practice, the positioning accuracy of a robot is influenced by itself and the environment. Robot in the work area at different positions, different attitude positioning error is different. This requires a calibration method in the application, keeping the accuracy within the allowable range.
Combining years of robot calibration and robotic application experience in the automotive industry, three calibration facilities were developed: the calibration of the robot body, the gripper and the actuator.

Intelligent manufacturing


High-pressure cleaning production line

Pumps and motors intelligent assembly line

Trinity Lilong plant equipment maintenance outsourcing

Mercedes Benz Beijing

Beijing Mercedes Benz production line upgrade project


Production line intelligent control system

Airtight testing production line

Pump and motor assembly line

Laboratory control system upgrade

Control valve test bench

Gearbox test bench

Hydraulic test bench transformation

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